Many people ask when and why they should switch to a VoIP phone system or Hosted solution . A good time to make the change to this newer technology is when you are considering upgrading your legacy phone system or are moving form a single line environment to having more than one user. Or you are just ready for a new system!


What is VoIP anyway?

Quite simply a VoIP phone system is a business phone system that uses your internal data network to route calls through on site and off site handsets, a hosted solution does the same but the 'system' and its programming reside at the providers location and phones connect via the internet. VoIP applications can use standard telephone lines ( connected through a gateway) or SIP trunks ( a digital phone line connected to the PSTN).


How do I save money?

Cost saving come into play by the lower operating costs of a SIP trunk       ( think of it as a telephone line). SIP trunks average from $10 to $20 monthly and will often include long distance charges - compare this to one of the big providers at $40 - $50 monthly and you can begin to see where you will save money. The other great thing about VoIP systems is that you can have users anywhere in the world connected to your local site, this means that long distance calls between these sets is non existent and these users can call out locally saving you even more money. It is advisable to have your VoIP provider do a line cost analysis for you.


What are the other benefits of switching to VoIP?

 Apart from the cost savings of making the change there are many great features that can also help you save operating costs as well as providing modern features to your business. Some of these features are things like voicemail to email, built in conference solutions, connections to smart phones, off site users, just to name a few - the list is long and with VoIP if you can think of a scenario that would help your office its's most likely possible.